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One day we’re captaining a film crew on a pirate ship for a thrilling open, the next we’re capturing the cutting-edge technology of a new medical device for a commercial. This variety keeps us on our toes, but our commitment to exceeding expectations remains constant.

See the magic we create – explore our work samples and discover the stories behind them!

Featured Projects

Projects we are proud of


Calico is a one-stop shop for interior design. From promotions on social media to How-to videos, Calico is using video in a wide variety of ways. Among them, we produced a cross country video series, where two young women, driving cross country, stop and experience 16 different Calico stores. This series generated quite a few hits, and really bumped things for Calico socially.

University of Delaware

Playing off of the University of Delaware theme line, “A Blue Hen State of Mind”, the football program wanted an in-stadium Open that showcased the entire state of Delaware, while getting the crowd pumped up before the team took the field. We shot the state of Delaware from top to bottom, and we think we not only produced a dramatic Open, but also captured some real sweet footage of America’s first State. The prior season, the UD football program wanted their Open to build on the history of Blue Hen football, and build toward game day. Think we captured some real passion from those members of the UD football program.

Block Island Express

Just 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island is Block Island. Over the course of three days we captured enough of this beautiful, charming little island to produce TV campaigns for the Block Island Tourism Council and Block Island Express, and even 12 short video vignettes that can be seen as parts of the 12-stop Block Island Bike Tour.